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Twitter Releases Video-Sharing App Vine

Twitter released a new application video sharing for quick video sharing, Twitter on Thursday officially launched this  mobile service called “Vine”, Vine lets users easily capture and share short looping videos with a few swipes of your finger on a smartphone. “Vine” was a purchase rather than something homegrown, and sits mostly on its own. Twitter acquired Vine lat last year.

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How To Auto-Post your RSS Feed to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ Pages

If you want automatically post your blog post and RSS feeds to your social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus, so here is a solution , with the help of you can publish blogs posts and RSS feeds to your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages automatically .

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Google+ Now Has a Share Button

Google now adds a Share button to share webpages to its social media platform Google+. This Share button also works as the way Google +1 button does but with more control. By giving +1 to a webpage you simply recommend that page

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Grow Your Audience and Business With Google+

Google+, an emerging social network by Google will help you grow your business, social networks, audience and profit. Its very easy to attract users on Google Plus and make them your loyal customers too. Social media is becoming the next shopping point on the web, so its your turn to produce most out of it.

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Create Awesome Social Media Timeline With Timekiwi

Codeartists has created a new web application named Timekiwi.It allows users to create a timeline with the help of your social media accounts.There are many social media sites that supports Time kiwi such as Twitter,Tumblr,Posterous, and Instagram.This site basically provides a new take on lifestreaming by converting the Timeline format into final product.

If you want to include a account into your timeline then just click on “Show me my timeline” and after clicking, the remaining work will do by the Timekiwi itself.In the context of Twitter the previously old retweets will be seen in your timeline but the aboriginal retweet function and the replies would not be seen in your timeline.

There are two types of layouts are currently available for the timeline,horizontally and vertically.You can also share the link directly from the social networking sites scch as Facebook,Twitter etc.The feature of printing your timeline is also available.If you want to add instagram in your timeline then connect it at last.

Wordpress provides the option to choose the exact date and time of your post before publishing the post,so with the help of wordpress you can create a historical timeline by importing the information from the wordpress into Timekiwi.It is very important that before adding your wordpress acoount to Timekiwi your entire timeline is ready to display or not.

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How To Share Your BizzBizz Facebook Page

If you want to share your BizzBizz pages with social networking sites such as Twitter,Facebook,MySpace etc. then place the share box inside your page.

Steps to Share your page:-

1.Suppose this is your BizzBizz page and you want to share your “Home” page with social networking sites then go to right hand corner of the page and click on “Manage your page”.

2.After clicking,you can see different modules such as Media Box,Share,You Tube,Scroller and Show fans in this page.Just Drag the Share  icon and Drop into the area below all the modules.After drag and drop click on the “Save Layout”.

3.After doing Save layout click on the “Edit page content”,you will see this type of page.

4.Click on Share Settings and this box will appear in front of you.You can write your Share Title and Module Title here.

5.After click on “Save setting” go to right hand corner of the page and click “View page” ,then final page will look like this.

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How To Create A Facebook Page

A Facebook Page is a single page that you can create in the domain for anything you want…a particular subject you like: a celebrity, a business profile, whatever your heart desires.

Steps to create a Facebook Page:-

1.Go to and you will find lots of options to create a page according to your need.

2.Suppose i want to make a new company page then click on the second picture that shows page for new company,organization or institution .

3.Select your category from the drop-down options like bank,cause,chemicals,education etc.In this example i have chosen Company as category.Write the name of your company in the next tab and then click on Get started tab.

4.After click on Get started tab you will see this page.Fill all your information of the your page in this area .

5.And the final created page will look like this.

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New Exciting Features Of BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard

The BizzBizz Social Media Dashboard enables you to manage all of your social media accounts such as Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin from one place and monitor each location very easily.There are lots of new features in BizzBizz social media dashboard such as Email Marketing,SMS Marketing,Contact Management,Autoresponders.


A introduction To BizzBizz Application Facebook

BizzBizz is a social media application that helps you promoting your business online on social media site Facebook. BizzBizz lets you build an entire website INSIDE your facebook page, complete with top-level navigation and drop down menus and more!


Check out the animate video explaining Bizzbizz


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