3D TV:A Step Beyond Innovation

Have you ever watched 3D movies like Toy stories,Bolt, Dolphins and Whales etc. While watching those movies you definitely once think that- it can be possible to watch these movie in our home. So, your wish comes true. Within a year,you could be sitting and watching 3D movies in your home. The complete innovative prospect of SONY makes it true. In CES fair 2009 SONY show its prototype.

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Nintendo was a king of a hand held devices until Sony came in the market.Nintendo had much products like Gameboy ,Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance system ‘Ninty’. Actually the truth is Nintendo understand the requirement of gamers and also games. Games like Mario,Pikachu,Link and Samus are still legend for gamers.
But after the arrival of Sony PSP in the market the competition relly get very very tough.The sales of nintendo suddenly decreased and Sony found his path in this competitive environment.Nintendo is no doubt far away from Sony but Nintendo is working very hard to save its position.
But what you have to choose is completely yours choice because both consoles are great,its really fun to use both of them.

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Sony again prove its leadership in designing and it continuosly producing sleekest and stylish camera on the market, it add another landmark in its range by adding latest Cyber-shot digicams. These cameras are capable of capturing high-quality videos. The Japanese outfit has also updates to its H-series for enthusiasts, as well as two entry-level units targeted at beginners. 

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Welcome to the new technology! The new display technology is about to come, name of the technology os OLED(Organic Light Emmiting Diode),Sony is already in the market but Samsung is offering a 40inch,1080p format which is 1000000:1 contrast ratio,and all the colurs you can imagine in your mind.Its viewing angle is more than you want. Its coming at the end of 2009. But it will surely your pocket stealer…

Sony Vaio TT notebook : A Tech Review

Sony is well known for its premium product ranges and the TT series of Vaio notebooks, unveiled in October, is certainly an indication that it puts quality over price.

asures just 200mm x 279mm and is 23.5mm deep at its thinnest point. Being made from carbon fibre means the whole device weighs only 1.32kg. The lid’s 4mm thickness means the whole screen can bend and flex rather worryingly, but the carbon fibre feels completely rugged so, although we wouldn’t want to stress test it too much by flinging it around by the lid, normal usage shouldn’t cause any problems.

Inside the compact casing is an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 1.2GHz, 4GB

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A Tech Gift For Your Valentine: Sony Vaio P

Do you think this is a netbook? You are absolutely wrong. According to Sony it is a pocket style PC. An ultra thin PC having weight of just 594 grams. Officialy it is launched in India and India product head for VAIO launched it in a very unique manner by pulling out the device from his jacket pocket. So it can be easily understandable that this device can slip into your pocket comfortably. 


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