The Upcoming Windows8 Explorer has Ribbon Interface

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Explorer will use its ribbon interface in its upcoming Windows 8 operating system.ribbon interface in Windows 8 will provide simpler access to third-party add-ons to Windows Explorer .More files can be viewed in a Windows Explorer window in Windows 8 than in Windows 7.

The ribbon will replace the menu and toolbars of Windows Explorer with the exception of the search and navigational toolbar.

How Windows Explorer looks with the new ribbon interface:-

Home tab in Windows Explorer:-

Home tab is focused on the important file management tasks, and all the major file management commands like Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename and Cut

Share tab in Windows Explorer:-

Share tab is used for sharing files  by different methods like zipping them up and E-mail them to a friend, or burning them to drive or USB. Users can quickly share the files with other people in their home group or in their network domain.

View tab in Windows Explorer:-

View tab provides access to options for customization. One-click access has been enabled for turning on/off the Navigation pane, Preview pane, and Details pane.

File menu in Windows Explorer:-

Users can find a variety of contextual tabs which activate in the context of specific files and folders, and also useful for tasks like searching, managing libraries, viewing pictures, and playing music.