Microsoft’s “Switch to Windows Phone” app for Android smartphones

Microsoft figures customers will be more likely to switch from Android smartphones to Windows 8 phones if it makes it easier to find the same or similar apps for their new phone as were on their old phones. So Microsoft is planning to launch an application called “Switch to Windows Phone” for the Android platform. The app is expected to ease any app availability concerns of users who consider switching from Android platform to Windows Phone.

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Recite application by Microsoft(windows mobile 6)

Now remember just by speaking not  writing your Notes on mobile or notebook with the help of Recite application. Microsoft released to the public a “Technology Preview” version of its new Microsoft Recite application. Recite is an application that allows users to record seemingly random voice notes and then search for and find those notes by speaking back to the application at a later time.

For example, users could record things such as “Bob’s birthday is in March” and “Bob likes ice cream for his Birthday”, and later find those recorded entries by speaking “Bob’s Birthday.” to the

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DX900 : acer tempo series Smartphone (dual sim)

Two souls in one

Two SIMs, two numbers, two sides of your life: Acer Tempo DX900 is the world’s first dual-sim smartphone to support both 3G and 2G SIMs.

Double your flexibility

Imagine a phone that lets you manage two numbers and gives you fast access to the web. The Acer Tempo DX900 is that phone.
As the world’s first dual-sim phone to support 3G and 2G SIMs, the Acer Tempo DX900 brings you all the advantages of flexible mobile connectivity and fast access to the web on the same phone.

DX900 in brief
• Physical Qwerty keyboard
• 3.8“ WVGA touch screen

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Acer Tempo Smartphone Series : F900

Style meets simplicity in the Acer Tempo F900.
The style of a large 3.8″ WVGA touch screen, with an easy to use virtual keyboard and a widget-based home screen; the simplicity of browsing the web and interacting online anytime, anywhere as if from your office or home.

Add freedom to your life. Acer Tempo F900 lets you browse and interact with the web as easily as you do in your office or at home.

The F900 is their straightforward all-touch phone.


  • 3.8? screen at 480×800 – nice
  • Samsung S3C 6410 mobile processor (533 MHz)
  • 128MB SDRAM for apps and stuff, and 256MB for built-in stuff
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The HTC P4350

NEW offering from HTC, the P4350 runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional .

  • Running on Windows Mobile 6.0 it comes loaded with complete office suite
  • It is a Wi-Fi enabled device and connectivity options include Bluetooth and EDGE
  • It is a touchscreen phone with slide out QWERTY keypad
  • TPS is missing from this device

TECH Features

HTC is a brand known for innovations. First it was the Touch, which had a unique finger touch interface followed by the TyTN II with a keypad that could be tilted at 45-degree angle. After launching such devices, the next in line that has been recently launched in India is the P4350. Also known as the Herald, this phone has been in the international market for almost eight months now. So we are not expecting much from it in terms of innovation.
Just like other HTC handsets, even this one is a touchscreen and has a slide out QWERTY keypad. However it cannot be tilted at 45- degree angle.The only thing

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