Every body talks about the world of 3D, almost all smartphone, digital camera and television manufacturing companies works on 3D technology. The trend of 3D images and video is getting pace with the release of 3D Sci-Fi movies. 3D video recorders are too expensive and needs special arrangements. But, if you have two iPhones then you can also capture 3D images, at least theoretically.

By using SynchroCam iOS application you can take 3D GIF-like images. The all you need are two iOS devices i.e. two iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. More batter quality of photographs you need two identical devices with same iOS version. This app works great with any combination of iOS devices but same devices offer same field of view and resolution. Actually you are not going to capture 3D images but they looks more appealing then traditional 2D images.

Assuming Appleā€™s great success most of the people in US have at least two iOS devices so this app can get mass exposure and user base. SynchroCam is absolutely free application, this feature brings your attention to give it a try. If it really works for you enjoy it otherwise no body asks you that, why are you uninstalling it.


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