7 Sticky Notes – For Windows

7 Sticky Notes is a cool 100% free desktop notes software that creates Sticky Notes directly
at the Desktop of your computer to help you organizing your everyday tasks and to-do lists. It has a
great-looking realistic sticky note appearance for ultimate fun usage and great interaction, and also offers
amazing and cool features, which makes 7 Sticky Notes at the same time powerful, simple to use, reliable, and light!

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Hamster:New Time Tracking App For Linux

Hamster is Gnome application that available in panel which makes it easier to access.Hamster is a best time tracking application,which has launched for Linux.This app can track any project.It has simple start and stop buttons that allows to track your activities.You can see an overview of the day,week and month.It also shows how long you have spent on your certain activities,tags and categories.

Hamster is very simple app to use.You can create a new activity with the help of very simple menu bar applet.Just type the name of the activity,Tag it and then click on the start button.Every time you start a new activity then it stops the curret one ,you can also stop it manually.

It has very good layouts.Hamster is the only popular Time tracker on Linux which is the advantage of it.If your running the latest version of Ubuntu then it produces some problems because it still has not been updated for Gnome3.

The main disadvantage of this application is that it is not display your time in an easy to read calender view as compare to the other application on other platforms like Klok.In short Hamster is an awesome app and superiore amongst all the other applications

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Tizen:The New Linux-Based Mobile OS

The Linux Foundation will host the Tizen project, and Intel and Samsung will lead the development. It will be the successor to previous collaborations such as Maemo, Moblin and MeeGo. The new Tizen OS will be a combination of MeeGo and LiMo and it could emerge as serious competition to Android.

The Tizen application programming interfaces are based on HTML5 and will support smartphones, tablet computers, interactive TVs and in-vehicle infotainment. These APIs will cover various platform capabilities, such as messaging, multimedia, camera, network, and social media. For those who use native code in their applications, the Tizen SDK will include a native development kit.

Intel will support Tizen with its Intel AppUp developer program and a developer framework based on HTML5 and WAC standards.Samsung adds Tizen to its lengthy list of supported mobile operating systems which includes Android, Windows Phone, and its own bada OS- a custom-built mobile OS which the company will make open source in 2012.

The Tizen project, which will be hosted by the Linux Foundation, is aiming to have the initial release of the new OS available in the first quarter of 2012 and the first phones using the new OS could make an appearance in mid-2012.

Ubuntu Announced Linux 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot” Beta

Canonical and the Ubuntu developers have released the first beta for version 11.10 of their Linux distribution, code-named “Oneiric Ocelot”. According to the Oneiric Release Schedule, Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1 will be followed by a second beta on 22 September; the final version is to be released on 13 October.


it improves on the big changes made in 11.04, by cleaning up the Dash, overhauling the Ubuntu Software Center, and bringing in some new default software.



The first beta of Ubuntu 11.10 includes the 3.0.0-9.15 Ubuntu-customised Linux kernel, which is based on the stable Linux 3.0.3 release. An updated and improved Unity desktop interface is also included, with components from GNOME 3.1.5, an unstable pre-release build of GNOME 3.2, providing services beneath the desktop shell .


The developers note that the “Places” functionality has been renamed “Lenses” to reflect a wider scope of use. Lenses can now display information from multiple sources, such as files, music collections or social networks, as well as allowing them to be filtered on fields such as ratings, ranges and categories. For example, theBanshee music player (version 2.1.3) includes a new default music lens.



The beta of Firefox 7 is included and Thunderbird 7 beta is now the default email client with menu and launcher integration; stable versions arescheduled for release on 27 September.

As with all development releases, use in production environments and on mission critical systems is not advised. Users testing the release are encouraged to provide feedback and report any bugs that they find.

The latest stable release is Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal“, while the current Long Term Support (LTS) version is Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. Ubuntu is sponsored by UK-basedCanonical Ltd.


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Linux Guide for newbie : essential shortcuts and sanity commands

The most important or you can say pivot thing in mastering Linux is the commands and shortcuts by terminal. Most of the commands are same as dos but there are many more to explore if you master these commands you will have most of the controls in you hands.

Caption :

<> = single special or function key on the keyboard. For example <Ctrl> indicates the “control” key.
italic = name of the file or variable you probably want to substitute with your own.



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Download Moonlight ( Microsoft Silverlight) Linux version

If u like proprietary video and audio codecs. Be that as it may, some sites, like NBC’s Olympics site, Use Microsoft’s proprietary Silverlight streaming technology with linux. Until recently, if you were using Linux that meant you couldn’t watch videos from these sites at all. Until now The Mono Project, a Novell sponsored open-source initiative to bring .NET code to Linux, has just released an open-source, Firefox add-in Moonlight 1.0 that enables Linux desktop users to view Moonlight content.

Moonlight not only brings Silverlight content to Linux users, though, it also brings Microsoft’s WMV (Windows Media Video), WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 files to Linux via

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