7 Sticky Notes – For Windows

7 Sticky Notes is a cool 100% free desktop notes software that creates Sticky Notes directly
at the Desktop of your computer to help you organizing your everyday tasks and to-do lists. It has a
great-looking realistic sticky note appearance for ultimate fun usage and great interaction, and also offers
amazing and cool features, which makes 7 Sticky Notes at the same time powerful, simple to use, reliable, and light!

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New Updated Quicksilver App Supports OS X Lion

Quicksilver, a free, open sourced launchbar application has added support for Mac OS X Lion in the latest update.QuickSilver allows you to set your own shortcut/hot keys to launch other apps, windows, delete files – pretty much anything. The purpose of QuickSilver is to speed up your workflow.

This is the first major update for the app, which was made open-source years ago by original developers Blacktree Software. In addition to Lion support, the update also includes over 40 new feature additions, fixes and changes. Among those changes are automatic plugins updates and a brand new logo.

Quicksilver offers multiple interface choices, from a menu bar to a transparent bezel that hovers over your desktop. Its other features include a task viewer, a shelf for storing frequently accessed files, and a clipboard history. Quicksilver is a fantastic addition for anyone looking for alternative ways to launch applications from the Dock or to hunt through the Finder for files.Recent updates fixed many crashing and localization issues, and also updated Quicksilver to a faster default compiler.

The search function is very quick and powerful in Quicksilver and once you have found what you are looking for you can apply a number of actions like simply launching it, emailing or moving. What’s more Quicksilver adapts to the file it finds, so if it’s a document you will get to modify or send it, and if it’s an email you will get to email or copy it.

Apple’s Macbook Supplier Shuts Down Plant In China Over Environmental Issues

Environmental watchdog groups in China on Wednesday released a report detailing a 5-month investigation on electronic suppliers that they believe are used by Apple. According to the report, accessory manufacturer Kaedar Electronics and printed circuit board maker Unimicron have allegedly been discharging waste water and harmful gas from their plants in the Chinese city of Kunshan.

Yesterday, China’s Catcher Technology, announced it would shut one of its manufacturing plants in the Suzhou province after it was ordered to cease operations due to environmental issues connected with the factory.

Chinese regulators forced the closure after local residents reported bad odours being pumped out of the plant, after the company issuing an emergency bulletin on Sunday.

Catcher said the shutdown will impact October sales by a fifth, assuming plant improvement works are completed and approved by regulators by the end of the month. The company had sales of T$21.8bn ($725m) last year, with analysts expecting an increase to T$37.1bn this year. Its stock fell by nearly the daily limit of 7 per cent on Monday.

Since 2007, more than nine people have suffered or died from cancer in the village, which has a population of fewer than 60. Apple declined to say if the companies named were in fact its suppliers, but company spokeswoman Carolyn Wu, responding to the report, said, ‘Apple is committed to driving the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base.


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How to find ip address in Windows And Mac

There are two types of ip address:-
Local ip address
external ip address 

First we are going to find local ip address for windows.This is simply a step by step process:-

1. Click on the Start menu,type cmd and press enter.
2. In the command line window type ipconfig and press enter.
3. See “IPv4 Address.” The number across from that text is your local IP address.

Lets see how to find local ip address for mac:-


1. Go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preferences.

2. Click on “Network” in the System Preferences panel.
3. Under “Show”,select the network interface that you want the IP/MAC address for.
4. To find the IP address, click on the TCP/IP tab.
If you want to know your external ip address then:- 

Type “”what’s my IP”” in Google search engine.
Click on the the first link “What’s My IP Address”.
Your external ip address will be displayed on this link.

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Print to PDF: A new application for the iOS

‘Print to PDF’ application is a good feature for the iOS.This application is basically a substitute of AirPrint, that was a nice feature but didn’t support many printers and  PDF printing.’Print to PDF’ allows you to quickly save entire emails, web pages and documents to PDF ,so you can access them at any time, even when you are not online.

The application also provides a viewer for PDFs, and also giving you an option for viewing in plain text so you can copy and paste the text from the PDF on your iOS device.This application uses the “Built-in print” functionalty.
The most important feature of this application are:-
Print a document to PDF from any app that supports printing.
you can save any web-page that you may want to access in the future.
you can save your important e-mails that you may need to quickly access later.  

To print to pdf you need to run this application on your device (iPhone,iTouch,iPad) and then go to any application that supports printing,Tap the Print command, choose Print to PDF as your printer and then tap Print again. The process may take a few seconds, depending on the length of the item. When it’s done, you’ll have the option of instantly switching to the app to view your new PDF.The PDF printer stays ON for a few minutes and if you want to print other documents into pdf format than you need to launch the application again.

This app is NOT compatible with iPhone 3G and iTouch 1st and 2nd generation.

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Apple Is Going To Launch It’s 5th-Generation iPhone In October

The new forthcoming iPhone 5 will be a blessing for technology having all in one features in one device such as multiple networks(supports CDMA as well as GSM),Assistive touch,icloud,voice control system.The Assistive touch is basically an overlay menu which is displayed in front of the user with commands that usually require certain physical actions, such as rotating the screen or shaking the device.

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“Skitch” Screen-Grabbing Mac App Now Free Courtesy of Evernote, Also Available as Android App


Mac/Android: Skitch, one of the most popular screen capture tools was just bought today by the company that owns popular note-taking tool Evernote. What does that mean for us? The full version is now free (a $19.95 savings) and there’s a new Android app.

It looks like the Skitch Android app is more of a photo-taking and annotation app rather than a screen grabbing one, unfortunately (Android really could use easy screen grabbing).


But the completely freeness of Skitch on the Mac is very nice—no more ads, trial versions or restrictions. Plus, if you’re an Evernote user, now you have a more streamlined experience working with screen captures: drag them from Skitch into Evernote or drag photos from Evernote to Skitch where you can annotate them. Evernote promises much more is to come too
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New Pop-Up Shop In Shopkick App For iPhone And Android…..

InStyle has teamed with mobile shopping startup Shopkick to release the InStyle “Shop By Color” Pop-Up Store. The goal is to extend the fashion publication’s content to mobile audiences and shoppers using Shopkick’s apps for iPhone and Android.
Shopkick users can browse the InStyle “Shop By Color” store to discover styles featured in the magazine, get style tips and receive product recommendations.
“This innovative partnership extends the InStyle brand to new audiences and new platforms, and makes the latest trends from the magazine immediately available to active shoppers,” an InStyle representative tellsMashable.
InStyle, a more social media and mobile-attuned brand of late, is Shopkick’s first media partner.
One-year-old Shopkick — which now has more than 2 million users — is celebrating its birthday with a newly minted pilot program, set to launch in the fall, at 100 Toys ‘R’ Us and Babies ‘R’ Us stores in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

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