Easy Email Extractor:New Freeware Application For Windows

Easy Email Extractor is a freeware application of Windows.With the help of this application you can easily extract email addresses from entire folders,files and the URLs.It also provides an option to copy all the email addresses list to the windows clipboard and paste it anywhere according to your need.

Every time when you need an email address that is stored in one of your file but you don’t have any idea in which one, then Easy Email Extractor provides you a simple way to search any or all files and extract any email address there in.This application can extract 1000 of unique email addresses in a very short time.It is 100 times faster than any other application for extracting emails.

You can also extract email address from the web-sites,but fewer sites have its email addresses in the HTML code.Easy Email Extractor is compatible with the 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS.

Easy Email Extractor Features:-

1. User-friendly Graphical user interface.
2. Extract all email addresses from files
3. Extract all email addresses from URLs
4. Scan entire folders and extract email addresses
5. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows OS

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HP-Touchpad:A New Tablet In The Market…..

HP has launched its new Touchpad which is similar to Apple’s iPad.The cost of this stylish Touchpad which was released on august 19 is  $99. 

Since the past year no other tablet has been able to change the enchantment of the people who have with the iPad, but the TouchPad has shown a few that there is a brand other than Apple when it comes to Tablets.

The TouchPad’s biggest strength is its elegant webOS operating system, which still does multitasking better than Android or Apple’s iOS.If you want to see what applications are open, press the button below the home screen and they’ll appear in miniature form like a hand of cards on a table; tap one to select it, or flick it towards the top of the screen to close it.

An iPad level of display quality and strong audio were still highlights. At its best, the TouchPad is pleasurable to use.Like earlier web OS phones and Android devices, the TouchPad syncs easily to such cloud-based services as Google’s contacts and calendar applications.
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How to handle multiple services, social inbox and autoposting in BizzBizz

BizzBizz provides an easiest way to manage your business’s social media.With the help of BizzBizz you can customize Facebook pages,manage all your social media accounts at one place,monitor your brand and also you can see the track results.


Multiple Services:-

Using BizzBizz, you can publish to any of the popular social media platforms, including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, LinkedIn and Flickr. BizzBizz is the easiest way to update multiple social media accounts at once.BizzBizz supports multiple services and social networks, making it easy to reach your customers on multiple platforms.

Social Inbox:-

You can manage multiple streams from your social inbox.BizzBizz’s Priority Inbox highlights the messages you should be responding to.Social inbox is a very important and useful feature of the BizzBizz because you can see all your message exactly at one place.


BizzBizz’s automatic RSS poster makes it easy to distribute content from RSS feeds.Configure BizzBizz’s RSS auto-poster to automatically share content on your social networks. Each piece of content you distribute is tracked and analyzed. You can even add your Google Analytics tracking codes.

Click on www.bizzbizz.net to see the entire features of BizzBizz

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Acer Iconia Smart :A new Smartphone From ACER…

The new stylish Acer Iconia Smart will be launched in september.This handset will have a unibody metal casing and will be available only in silver.Acer provides its own user interface – the Acer UI 4.2 in the Acer Iconia Smart which combines superior navigation with excellent features.

Features of Acer Iconia Smart:-

1.The smartphone runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS with a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor. 

2.It has 4.8-inch capacitive TFT touch screen with a resolution of 1024×480 pixels with 16M color for bright, clear and vibrant content.

3.Dual cameras:-an 8 mega pixel rear camera with auto focus and LED flash and a 2 mega pixel front camera for video calling.

4.Multi-touch input method.

5.Document viewer that supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF

6.Adobe Flash Player 10.1,Bluetooth 2.1

7.Proximity sensor and geo tagging. 

8.The HDMI port that enable the device to connect with TV.

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