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Google Now launches for iOS

Google Now is now available on iOS as a free update for the popular Google Search app. The iOS app recognizes voice and actually looks hotter than its Android peer (the cards have a nice Cover Flow-like view), but can’t quite match the functionality of the Google OS version.

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Aakash 2: like an entry level Android smartphone

the newly unveiled Aakash 2 tablet from DATAWIND has been a lot of chatter due to the controversy over whether the tablet is really an off-the-shelf product from China but there has been very little notice paid to its functionality, however Datawind made huge improvement over its buggy predecessor still the tablet is (not wholly unexpectedly) quite slow.

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View QR Code of Android Apps in Google Play

Android App Market or Play Store is the best place to download applications for your Android smartphone or tablet. While logged in your Google account you

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5 Best Free Photography Apps For Android

Almost every android smartphone has a good quality camera ranging from 2 MP to 12 MP sensor. If you are not a professional photographer than the camera you have in your Android phone is the best camera.

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5 Fitness Tracking Apps For Android – 2012

Everybody want to be fit and strong. In this smartphone age we can track, schedule and analyse fitness activities and health issues with the help of applications. Almost all the fitness tracking apps have GPS tracking functionalities.

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7 Best Yet Free Financial Apps for Android

If you are looking for a personal expense manager and finance management application for your smartphone than you are at the right place. Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android has produced some very handy and free financial apps

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Google Working on ‘Google Assistant’, a Siri Rival

Google’s mobile phone operating system, Android is the major rival to Apple’s iOS. Apple launched voice assistant Siri on iPhone 4S which makes it most advance smartphone on the planet. Siri had generated a lot of excitement across the world.

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[How to] Download YouTube Video on Android Phone

Everyone like watching videos on YouTube, its a fun time pass. You are away from home (or computer) and liked a music video while browsing YouTube on your Android phone. There are many software and online tools available to download

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Access Expert Knowledge From WolframAlpha App

Wolfram|Alpha is known as Google killer because Google finds links but Wolfram Alpha finds answers to your search. Wolfram Alpha give you access to expert knowledge, mathematical data, wherever you are. Building on 25 years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha has rapidly

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Stream Video From Android Phone to PC

Returned from a vacation and have some great pictures and videos of the tour. Now want to show these phone captures to family members and friends. Viewing on smartphone’s small screen is not a good idea, so here’s a way to stream media on big monitor screen of your PC.