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Read Website’s Feed in Magazine-like Style Using Google Currents

We have covered a post in December, last year, that Google launched a new feed reading service for smartphones in United States. Now this service, i.e. Google Currents goes global with updated app for Android and iOS. With Google

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Google Maps For Android Gets New Features & Look

Google Maps is the best way to explore, search and navigate all around the world. With Google Maps for Android application you can get turn-by-turn navigation from your place to your destination.

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Nokia Money Prepaid Mobile Wallet Launched in India

Nokia has launched its Nokia Money, a prepaid mobile wallet service in India. The service allows customers to use their mobile phones as a wallet that can be used to make payments, without actually requiring a bank account.

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Google Currents: Google’s News Reader

Google launched its new news reader app, like Flipboard for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Users can add their favorite publishers to their library and Currents will immediately begin downloading the most recent articles from these sources, and you’ll also be prompted to add additional publications to your Library.

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Google to Shutdown 7 Services including Gears and Wave

In the mid of this year Google announced that the search giant is planning to shutdown some of its products having less user base. Google named this procedure as ‘Spring Cleaning’ and now ready for third round of cleanup.

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Free Video Call to Facebook Friends with Skype

Skype, your favorite application to make audio and video call and chat over internet,  is came up with another interesting feature. Few weeks ago Skype gave you freedom to video chat with your Skype friends and now you can video chat with your Facebook friends too just from Skype. To use this feature you have to install latest version of Skype for your Windows or Mac system.

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New Domino’s iPad Application For Pizza Lovers

You can order Domino’s pizza directly from your iPad.Domino’s has launched an iPad application in the UK application store.The application is compatible with any iPad running iOS 4.1 or later.iPad users simply need to enter their postalcode and the new application will automatically locate the nearest Domino’s store.

Features Of New Domino’s iPad Application:- 1. View the latest meal deals exclusive to your area. 2. Order pizzas and side orders,desserts and drinks. 3. Locate the nearest Domino’s outlet by inputting your postalcode. 4. You can also track the pizza’s journey to your front door. The ‘Create Your Own’ option enables customers to built their own pizza and see what it will look like before they order.Pizzas can be customised by choosing the base and pizza size, selecting the pizza sauce and then scattering on toppings by tapping the screen. Payment options include PayPal, credit cards and cash-on-delivery.You can choose one of the available meal deals, go for a half-and-half or build your very own custom pizza. Domino’s new iPad app is now available to download free from the App Store
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The New Updated Foursquare application for Android

Foursquare application for Android device received a new look that made it easier to navigate.A new update has just been applied to the Android application, which brings even more new features, as well as lots of redesigned screens.

Possibility to check-in to events that take place at specific locations,this is a new feature introduced with Foursquare for Android.The application also gets few visual upgrades and has a nicer look.Another good feature is the capability to view In-line image previews of your FourSquare friend list.

Other good features are:-

1. Now showing events attached to places

2. Photos in-line in Friend tab

3. Venue page redesign

4. Checkin details page redesign.

The check in button now appears at the top of the screen, making it just a click away from anywhere in the app. That widens the other tabs a bit and makes them easier to click.If you’re out at a movie, concert, or sporting event, you can check in and share exactly what you’re doing with Foursquare application.

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Zinio Magazines On Android Phones!!!


The ultimate app for magazine lovers is ready for Android 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1. Get thousands of magazines instantly, many with special interactive features built especially for your Android device. Discover the premier mobile reading experience.

Zinio’s Android app, which has recently been unveiled for Honeycomb tablets, is no longer limited to select few markets. Rather, users from all around the world can now access and read various magazines from their phones and tablets.


On Friday Zinio added support for Google Android handsets, bringing content from more than 1,000 digital magazine publishers to smartphones and small tablets running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3, approximately 78 percent of all phones currently powered by Google.

The application requires that your device runs Android 2.2 or higher, meaning pretty much any smartphone or tablet bought this year will do the job just fine.


Although Zinio hasn’t mentioned this in their news release, I suspect more Android phones will come with the Zinio client pre-loaded. you may have noticed that Zinio was already on the phone, for example. Those types of pre-installation partnerships between Zinio and carriers are likely to help attract digital magazine readers, perhaps even more than having the free Zinio software available in the Android Market.


You can start to browse magazine content within a minute or two of starting a magazine download, but the optimal experience won’t happen until the entire title is downloaded. Until the magazine completely loads high-quality page images, it can show some text fuzziness when zooming in. And on the 3.7-inch, 800×480 resolution display of the new myTouch phone, there’s plenty of zooming required.


If you’re reading magazines on Zinio — and you already can with an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad — I’d be curious what device you use most to do so: a tablet, a computer or a smartphone?

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Now Has An Ignore Feature @Google+


Google has added the ability to ignore specific user accounts and strengthened its option to block accounts on its new social network Google+, the company announced in a note Friday.

From the launch of the service Google offered the means to block users totally. However, the problem with this is that it completely cut them off; they could not see what you were doing, and you could not see anything about them. If you don’t completely hate the person, but just don’t want to see what they post all the time, there is a way to do that now.

This  improved blocking option will no doubt provide Google+ members with a better overall experience.

Wichrowska explained in a video demonstration that using the ignore option means you’ll see less of what a particular person is sharing, while allowing them to continue to interact with your own Google+ activity. Posts from ignored accounts won’t be displayed in your incoming stream. You also won’t be notified when they interact with your posts and you won’t see ignored people on your Circles page.

The option to ignore and block an account is available on multiple places throughout Google+ (comments, activity stream, profiles and on the notification tool bar). Google+ doesn’t notify users when they’ve been ignored or blocked, which is similar to Facebook’s functionality.

Letting Google+ members anonymously block and ignore accounts makes sense — especially since the company is planning to launch a business version of the social network in the coming months that will no doubt flood the space with marketers and unapologetic self-promoters.


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