Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich 25 New Features

Google announced Android 4.0 back in October with many new features. With a complete overhaul in user interface Android 4 also have native support to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology known as Android Beam. Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) unifies tablets and smartphones under a single OS for the first time. Last major release of Android i.e. Honeycomb, is build only for tablet PCs.

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How to Secure Your Laptop From Theft!!

Laptops are small and convenient, making them easy to take with you on trips for business or leisure, to school, work or other places; however, it also means they are easy to steal. According to a report from officers from, one in ten laptops are stolen during a laptop’s lifetime. In the same report, FBI figures calculated that the rate of successful recoveries was only five percent. However, you can take certain measures to protect your laptop and improve its chances of recovery, such as installing tracking software that uses the Internet to broadcast its location if stolen. We’ve also added a few handy precautionary measures you can take beforehand, so your laptop has a better chance of making it home safe if the two of you become separated.

How To Prevent Theft and Protect Data

Here are a few things you can do beforehand to help make sure your laptop finds its way home and that your data stays protected.

1. Install Prey

Prey is a monitoring application that you can activate remotely should your laptop become missing or stolen. Prey then “calls home” to the Prey server (or your own server, depending upon configuration) once the laptop connects to the Internet. A Prey report gives the IP address, geolocation (complete with map) and even a screenshot from your webcam. You can also use Prey to lock your device to prevent others from accessing it



2. Encrypt Sensitive Data

Many personal data are stored in laptops.Personal data such as credit card, financial and medical records should always be encrypted — this is doubly true if your computer is portable. Encrypting your data will help to ensure that your identity doesn’t get stolen along with your laptop

There are a number of good encryption tools out there, and many modern operating systems have encryption options baked in. One popular, free encryption tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms is TrueCrypt.

3. Make Your Laptop Easy to Return

Make a file and place it on your desktop (e.g. REWARD_IF_FOUND.TXT) containing your contact and information and  information about a reward which you offer to the guy who found your laptop These details will make it easier for anyone who’s stumbled across your missing computer to return it to you without the need to go digging through personal data. It may even cause a remorseful thief to have a change of heart — especially if you can provide a way for the laptop to be returned anonymously.

4. Back Up Your Data Frequently

You should  backing up your data on a regular basis to protect against hardware or software failure. If you’re on the go with your laptop a lot, you may want to take advantage of online backup services like Dropbox. If you choose to backup to an external hard drive, don’t store the drive in your laptop bag.


5. Consider an Engraving

You should  consider having your company or name and a piece of contact information such as your email address or phone number engraved into a prominent location on your laptop. This greatly decreases its resale value and makes it obvious who the laptop belongs to. Engraving is a reasonably good deterrent against theft and provides just one more way of letting the finder of your laptop know who to return it to.


Zinio Magazines On Android Phones!!!


The ultimate app for magazine lovers is ready for Android 2.2, 3.0 and 3.1. Get thousands of magazines instantly, many with special interactive features built especially for your Android device. Discover the premier mobile reading experience.

Zinio’s Android app, which has recently been unveiled for Honeycomb tablets, is no longer limited to select few markets. Rather, users from all around the world can now access and read various magazines from their phones and tablets.


On Friday Zinio added support for Google Android handsets, bringing content from more than 1,000 digital magazine publishers to smartphones and small tablets running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3, approximately 78 percent of all phones currently powered by Google.

The application requires that your device runs Android 2.2 or higher, meaning pretty much any smartphone or tablet bought this year will do the job just fine.


Although Zinio hasn’t mentioned this in their news release, I suspect more Android phones will come with the Zinio client pre-loaded. you may have noticed that Zinio was already on the phone, for example. Those types of pre-installation partnerships between Zinio and carriers are likely to help attract digital magazine readers, perhaps even more than having the free Zinio software available in the Android Market.


You can start to browse magazine content within a minute or two of starting a magazine download, but the optimal experience won’t happen until the entire title is downloaded. Until the magazine completely loads high-quality page images, it can show some text fuzziness when zooming in. And on the 3.7-inch, 800×480 resolution display of the new myTouch phone, there’s plenty of zooming required.


If you’re reading magazines on Zinio — and you already can with an Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad — I’d be curious what device you use most to do so: a tablet, a computer or a smartphone?

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How to Send Pre-set Automatic SMS & Replies To SMS And Missed Calls [Android App]

It gives a big relief to whom, who are busy or are in some other work and there cell phones are ringing.  Now they can respond to the SMS or Missed calls without touching their  phone by using an app called Auto SMS. This Android Applications sends automated texts to people who want to contact you while you’re busy or are in some other work. Auto SMS is also useful in a ton of other situations. If you’re in a meeting, and want to keep clients informed of your whereabouts, this app has you covered.



1.)Auto Reply :

You can create as many different profiles as you like. Profile settings include whether to send the auto response to both SMS messages and missed calls, choose the actual message, and set the duration for which the profile is activated.



Let’s say you’re unable to text while driving or at work. When you hop in your car you could turn on your driving profile, which is active for an hour (the length of your commute)

and informs those who text you that you’re driving and can’t respond.

And also, Auto SMS also lets your phone to read your texts out loud, schedule texts so they can be sent later on, schedule when to enable specific profiles as well as a home screen widget for turning on a profile with just a tap.

Other features in Auto SMS include widgets for the Instant, Profile and Reader features, and you can even use the app to schedule certain times you want to set your phone to silent automatically. To take advantage of this feature, simply create a profile in which you set the times you want the ringer to be switched off, and uncheck the SMS and Phone Auto Response options.

2.) Scheduling & Instant Texts :

Sending replies is great, but also obviously reactive. If no one texts you, they’ll receive nothing in return.


Scheduling makes that possible. Using Auto SMS it’s possible to input a specific text message and schedule it to be sent at any time you’d like. The message can be sent once or at set intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc) .

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Google TV turns on Android…Thanks to SDK Add-On!!!!!!!!

Google released a set of software tools on Monday that will allow developers to create Android applications for Google TV devices. Back at Google I/O it was announced that a future update would move the Google TV platform over to a build based around Android Honeycomb.


Along with the overhauled interface would come the Android Market, a feature promised since Google TV first hit the scene last year. While it is unclear when the Honeycomb update will eventually be pushed to old devices (and come installed on new devices).

With the new tools, developers can test their existing mobile or tablet Android applications in a big-screen environment, eventually porting them over to run on Google TV. It’s also possible to create new Android applications made specifically for Google TV.

With the add-on you can test your apps to determine if they would be a good fit for TV and whether any tweaks are required.

The preview will allow developers to emulate the GTV ecosystem to test and develop apps for the television platform. Along with the preview comes new features specific to televisions, such as the ability to call up channel lineups. Google warns that apps calling for non-television features such as a touchscreen won’t show up when the Android Market is accessed from a Google TV box and encourages developers with apps currently in the market to test their software for compatibility with the platform. Google admits it expects few apps available at launch, but hopes this early preview will jumpstart interest from developers.

Google’s “smart TV” platform received much attention and critical praise after debuting it at the I/O developer conference last year. But after major networks began to block online versions of their content to Google TV set top boxes right around the time of Google TV’s launch, the product failed to catch on widely with consumers. So much so that Logitech, one of the largest manufacturers of Google TV set top boxes, reported “slightly negative” revenues for its Revue Google TV units, as product returns outpaced sales in the second quarter.

Still, Google has a chance to bolster the Google TV platform’s following by cross-breeding it with Android, a platform with a far stronger fan base.

Google TV devices will be Android compatible after an upcoming Android OS update to version 3.0 (Honeycomb).


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Apple suppliers building cheaper But More Affordable 8GB iPhone 4!!!!


Apple Inc manufacturing a lower priced version of  its hot –selling iPhone 4. According to the rumours in this iPhone 4  smaller 8 gigabyte flash drive used.

Apple done that because of the asian suppliers.




The flash drive for the 8GB iphone 4 is being manufactured by a Korean company, one of the people said on Tuesday,

declining to name the company. Apple currently sources its flash drives from Japan’s Toshiba (6502.T) and South Korea’s Samsung Electronics (005930.KS).

Sources  don’t mentioned the  exact name of that Korean company because the information has not been made public.


Apple, which demands high levels of secrecy and security from suppliers and employees, declined to comment. Samsung also declined to comment.

The existing iPhone 4 was first launched in June 2010 with 16 GB and 32 GB versions, with a white version added to the lineup in April. The 8GB version is expected to launch within weeks, the sources said.

Some analysts said the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4 could help Apple boost sales in emerging markets.because apple iPhone are so costly so it’s not possible for an emerging markets to purchase apple’s item.

Apple may want to push into the emerging market segment where customers want to switch to low- to mid-end smartphones from high-end feature phones, which usually cost $150-200.

“But I think for an 8GB iPhone 4 the price is hard to go below $200, so Apple will still need a completely new phone with low specifications for the emerging markets.”

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Apple Is Going To Launch It’s 5th-Generation iPhone In October

The new forthcoming iPhone 5 will be a blessing for technology having all in one features in one device such as multiple networks(supports CDMA as well as GSM),Assistive touch,icloud,voice control system.The Assistive touch is basically an overlay menu which is displayed in front of the user with commands that usually require certain physical actions, such as rotating the screen or shaking the device.

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Khan Academy Integrates With Digital Textbooks










The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit educational organization, created in 2006 by MIT graduate educatorSalman Khan.

With the stated mission of “providing a high quality education to anyone, anywhere”, the website supplies a free online collection of more than 2,400 micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science.

Khan academy awards :

  • Salman Khan has been featured in San Francisco Chronicle, on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), The Colbert Report, National Public Radio, CNN,and CNN Money.
  • In 2009, the Khan Academy received the MicrosoftTech Award for education.
  • In 2010 at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Bill Gates endorsed the learning resource, calling it “unbelievable” and saying “I’ve been using [Khan Academy] with my kids.”
  • In 2010, Google’s Project 10100 provided $2 million to support the creation of more courses, to allow for translation of the Khan Academy’s content, and to allow for the hiring of additional staff.
  • In 2011, Salman Khan delivered a TED talk.
  • On May 4, 2011, Salman Khan appeared on Charlie Rose.
  • Salman Khan appeared on The Colbert Report on June 2, 2011.
  • An article featuring Khan Academy and Salman Khan appeared in the August 2011 issue of Wired Magazine


Once bill gates saw a video lecture and he called that 12 minute video lecture “the start of revolution”.

That lecture will now be linked with the material in some digital textbooks.

Etextbook maker Kno announced Monday that it will integrate thousands of tutorial videos from Khan Academy into its books.

Salman Khan, started creating videos  in order to help his cousins with their math homework. Video production quality does not extend beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Paint.

Kno will be linking them to its books through a new “smart links” feature. When students click on a Khan Academy tutorial from a new tab on one of Kno’s digital pages, Khan’s explanation of that topic plays within the book.

Khan said that “We’re excited that Kno sees the value in our mission and has integrated our videos and study tools directly into their books,” .




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