USB 3.0 support in Windows 8……@Microsoft

Microsoft has just announced that USB 3.0 support will be a part of its forthcoming operating system,Windows 8.According to Microsoft  “Each and every USB device, low, full, high, and SuperSpeed, has to work in Windows 8”.
Most important with USB 3.0 is improved power management that results in longer battery life and the higher transfer speeds you’d expect.USB 3.0 is the latest standard for USB connectivity,it supports transmission speeds of up to 5Gbit/s, 10x faster than USB 2.0 (480 Mbit/s). A number of laptops now support USB 3.0, including models from Sony, Toshiba and Dell.
Microsoft has created a brand new Microsoft USB Test Tool (or MUTT) to ensure everything works without a hitch,this USB test tool is a collection of 1,000 different USB devices on one single USB thumb drive.
Microsoft said that a USB 3.0 based storage devices should be able to transfer a high-def movie to a PC via a USB 3.0 port in just 80 seconds. That same file would take 15 minutes to transfer via a USB 2.0 port. USB 3.0 also provides 80 percent more power than USB 2.0 ports.
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