Android App Market or Play Store is the best place to download applications for your Android smartphone or tablet. While logged in your Google account you can download and install Apps on your device with a single click.

QR Code is the another best way to get the URL and locate app on market. QR Code can be scanned using Barcode scanner apps like Neo Reader, Google Goggles etc. Posting QR code on blogs is the best way to give direct download link to its users. That means, no need to enter URL in your mobile browser.

By default, Play Store doesn’t provide QR code for Apps. If you use Google Chrome web browser, here’s an extension to show QR Code. Droid Code Chrome extension generates a QR code for the App and shows it just above the ‘application description’ under ‘overview’ tab.

To use the extension, you need to install it in your Chrome Browser. After installation refresh the Play Store webpage and you’ll instantly see QR code for the app, no other configuration required.


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