There are different types of insurance protection that come under the heading of ‘Student Insurance’, but in most cases the term is used to refer to insurance protection for the personal possessions of a student living in either student halls of residence or private rented accommodation. In this respect it could be argued that Student Insurance is fairly similar to a typical contents insurance policy that would be offered to non-students in that it provides coverage for the contents, but not the actual house or flat that they are in.

Beyond this basic definition however, there are a number of variants in the Student Insurance offered by the different insurance providers specialising in this area. For example, one of the most famous Student Insurance providers Endsleigh offers a number of additional protections to students on top of the basic contents insurance cover. These include protection for a number of the electronic gadgets that are vitally important both to the working and social life of those studying at university or college such as cheap iphone insurance and laptop insurance. Given how important both of these items are to most students in 2012 it would highly advisable for any student seeking a policy to have these covered by it.

The Student Insurance policies offered by a company such as Endsleigh also offer insurance protection against loss of course work and tuition fees, which again can make these policies particularly useful to students wanting comprehensive peace of mind. Aside from these variations designed to suit the needs of students in particular, the other major difference between Student Insurance policies offered by companies like Endsleigh and normal contents insurance, is often that Student Insurance is offered at a discount to cater for the often fairly tight financial circumstances of those in the further education system.


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