Few days back Apple announces that it is going to remove YouTube app in next iPhone, because of contract with Google to use this app. Just a day before the launch of next iPhone or probably iPhone 5, Google releases official YouTube app for iPhone with some improvements then iOS YouTube(TV) app.

The YouTube app for iPhone has a new user interface that you’ll surely love. It has bigger video thumbnail and less cluttered video information. App has various settings, account information, channels and favourite videos links that you can access using right-swap on app screen. In this menu you can easily browse subscribed videos and your favourite channels.

The original apple-designed YouTube app had no support for in-video ads and hence iPhone users had no access to copyrighted content like music-videos. With this new Google designed app, video publishers(and Google) can earn some money by advertising. Also the old YouTube app receives very few updates as Apple built it but now users can receive frequent updates like Android users get.

You can watch videos without signing in to your YouTube account but for personalised videos, subscriptions, playlists, uploads you will need to sign-in. You can search videos and channels more easily with voice search and query autocomplete. This app makes channel subscription an easy task.

Now YouTube app becomes more social. Users can read and write comments, browse related videos, enable subtitles while watching videos, no more pauses. App makes easy video sharing to social media sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and by E-mail.

As of now official YouTube app is available for iPhone and we will see an dedicated iPad app in very near future. Also Google is planning to deliver TV shows and movies purchase by user using Play Store within the app. Let’s see what Google offers in YouTube apps next release.

For better understanding about the new app and comparison with old iOS app, watch this video. (Courtesy AppAdviceDaily)


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